A few weeks back prior to the holiday's I had two very interesting discussions with two gentlemen in their early 50's with two very different takes on their life and health. 

The first one was with a gentlemen that was 53 years of age, we got to talking about health as he asked me about Health Coaching and why I got into health and when. My story is here on this website but long story short I told him "I wasn't sick, but I felt lousy and was not happy with the road I was going down, so I made the change". I asked "what about you, what’s your story"?
He told me over the last few months he has lost 35 lbs.by changing his diet to mostly plant-based and has begun exercising gradually, but plans to take it up a notch now that he has gotten a clean bill of health. I asked "if you don't mind me asking, what was the issue that led to the changes"? He told me he was starting to feel old physically and began living a more sedentary lifestyle because of it. I can relate to that as I once felt that way......no longer though!

He visited his doctor for a checkup and was diagnosed with early stages of heart disease aside from being overweight and was put on medication. It was that moment that he had a realization that he had completely neglected his health for quite some time. I asked if that eye opening diagnosis frightened him. He paused for a moment before answering, he then answered "the first thing I thought about was my kids and wife". Then went on to say it was that moment he decided that his health is now his priority and his responsibility to his family. I shared of few experiences with him and he told me he was on a mission to correct all he did to himself through poor diet choices and in his own words his own laziness. He is also working with his physician in minimizing his medication with a goal of getting off them altogether. My last question to him of course was "what if you didn't get that health scare".......again he paused and answered "I don't even want to go there". 

Later that day I was speaking with a friend about training and we were comparing our workouts when another friend 50 yrs. young walked in, we asked him how many push-ups can you do? He looked and laughed and said "I don't exercise, I leave that to you young guys", I replied "I am older than you". He went on to explain he worried about exercise and health in his 20's and 30's but now that he is 50 those days are over. We asked "but why do you think that you don't need to worry about your health in your 50's". He answered that he only cares about working for 15 more years so he can retire. We asked him how he feels. He said "you know actually lately I have not been feeling too well, I am always tired and don't have much energy". Imagine he feels this way now and has no plans to take care of himself other than working for 15 more years. I asked him if he feels this way now what does he think he will feel like in 15 years when he plans to retire? Now he was pausing before answering, "I guess you are right there" he said. He said "maybe you’re right, I need to also think about my wife and kids"........interesting, see the same thought process as the first gentlemen. 

The common thread here is that both guys had basically given up on any type of self-care and conceded to the misconception that they are 50 years old and that is the beginning of the end. One however had his eyes opened when he was told he had health problems and was scared into realizing he had to make changes and he did and is now doing really well, living a healthy and active life and is sharing this with his family. While the other has not been scared into making changes because he has not received a diagnosis from his doctor that he had to change. But he was admittedly not feeling well and after talking had second thought on his way of thinking and neglecting his health. Both of them although different circumstances when faced with health scares thought about their families right away. 

The reality is that many of the chronic diseases that we face are directly related to the diet and lifestyle choices that we make. Turning 50 should be just the beginning of the second half of our lives and we should embrace it as that. Maybe we have to work a little harder and give up some of the things that don't benefit our health, but living a life free of medications and physical restrictions is something we should all strive for and owe to ourselves and our families!! 

Don't take your health for granted and hope that later on you don't get bad news. The bodies we were given are incredible machines but they too need preventive maintenance, they need to move and be fed the right way. You may be surprised at how great it can feel and operate when you do!!

Be well friends!

Peter Burke 1/5/16 

There is currently an epidemic of poor health in the United States. Close to 70% of the adult population is overweight or obese, millions are suffering from chronic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and many forms of Auto-Immune Disease. This does not only affect adults, 2/3 of American children are overweight. This has not only a physical effect but an emotional effect on their health. It is actually a scary situation that is not getting better. 

There is close to zero education in the US school systems regarding education, and the big businesses are basically being allowed to do anything they want when it comes to raising, growing and manufacturing the foods sold in this country. Did you know that 80% of the foods on the supermarket shelves contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)? Currently the government does not require these companies to label foods containing GMO's. Many of the foods being marketed to children contain not only GMO's but the majority contain artificial colors, sweeteners, and chemicals that are banned in most other countries. So if you are not educating yourself and your children on the importance of nutrition you could be feeding your families very unhealthy non-nutritious foods that will have a long term effects on their health and yours.

When you visit with your physician you have very limited time to speak with them about the reason you are there, or have time to really discuss why you are not feeling well, or what con you do to feel better, lose weight, and possibly reduce or get of certain medications. Doctors are so busy these days dealing with so many patients that they just don't have the time to really spend with each patient to get into the nuts and bolts of how to help you aside from prescribing medication and making a recommendation for a lifestyle change without the actual steps of showing you how. They just don't have the time to sit with each individual patient to do that.

This is where patients can really benefit from working with a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Many Health Coaches including myself work with physicians on referrals or in some cases right in the physicians office. This collaboration enables the patient that is willing to be coached and is really looking to make changes to their health and lifestyle to work with the Health Coach in completely confidential manner and the physician will get updates on the progress and changes that have been made. This is beneficial to the patient, and the physician because they have a trusted partner in the Certified Health Coach that is working closely in designing a specific program that will help their patient make the changes to there health.

When I work with my Health Coaching Clients we do a full health review as part of the initial consultation. From there the individuals who commit to make the change to their health and lifestyle will work with the Health Coach in creating a specific plan that addresses their current state of health, health concerns, and their specific health goals. Coaching Programs can be individual, in groups and in either 3 or 6 month programs. Depending on the individual and their goals they will receive some of the following;
  • Meal Plans
  • Tips on How to Shop for Healthy Foods
  • Books
  • Product Samples
  • Time Management and Planning Ideas for Preparing Food
  • Recipes/Cooking Tips
  • Kitchen Preparation
  • Support in Between Sessions
  • Fitness 

Health Coaching consultations and sessions are generally done in the comfort of the clients home or office via phone or Skype Video conferencing. 

Health Coaching Clients get the benefit of learning how to address their existing health issues as well as how to go forward and living the healthy, happy lifestyle we are all supposed to be living!!

For men, prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. The good news is there are ways you can help reduce risk risk. Harvard University researchers have found that men who exercise regularly are less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who are more sedentary. 

According to the American Cancer Society, a majority of the men diagnosed with prostate cancer are over the age of 65. So for men who plan to stay healthy far into their golden years, there is still plenty of time to help prevent prostate cancer.

For men with office jobs who spend most of their days behind a desk finding time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day can be quite challenging. The best way to combat this it to find a number of small ways throughout the day to be active. This activity does need to be intense sweat breaking activity, it could be a few simple things to increase your movement such as:

  • Standing up every 30 minutes to walk around the office or throughout the office space.
  • Walk to meet with co-workers as opposed to emailing or calling from office to office.
  • Step out for lunch or even volunteer to pick up lunch for others, this way you are out of the office and walking about.
  • Take a brief afternoon break and walk for 10 minutes.
  • Walk from the train or bus stations rather than taking a cab or public transportation....weather permitting of course!
  • Use a step counter or walking app for to track you daily steps.
  • Help around the office with supplies especially heavier items like paper.

These steps are not only good for helping prevent prostate cancer but good for your overall health.

Vitamin D - 600 to 800 (IUs) daily may also help lower the risk of different forms of prostate cancer.

Peter Burke 2/10/15

This is a delicious and nutritious way to start your day! This purple powerhouse is quick and easy to make and a nutrient-dense way to start your day.

3 - Scoops Purium Vanilla Chai SuperMeal
16 Oz Organic Almond or Coconut Milk
1 - Handful Organic Blueberries
1 - Handful Organic Blackberries
1 - Frozen Organic Banana
1 - Tsp Organic Flax-seed
3 - Ice Cubes

Place all ingredients in your favorite blender and blend until smooth...that's it! Then enjoy!!

By Peter Burke 12/13/14


There has been a lot of press lately regarding National Awareness Months for Breast Cancer in October and  now November is National Awareness Month for COPD, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, National Bone Marrow Cancer, Lung Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. Every one of these causes and diseases deserve all of the attention and awareness that they can get. The messages are all about informing the public about these terrible diseases, fund raising and finding a cure. Unfortunately the message missing with most of this is the prevention aspect, there really is a need to get the American public to realize and understand many diseases are preventable and in many cases reversible with the proper nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle and limiting toxic environmental exposure.

When I speak with people about what they are doing to prevent having health problems in the future the most common answer is " I get physicals every year", or "what do you mean?", or "I wait until I get sick". The fact is the most of the chronic diseases that are plaguing the US are diet related. Obesity, Cancer and Diabetes are leading the way. While I fully support every effort to find a cure for every single disease, there is a great need for the education of prevention. Many people are the living the "I'll wait until I get sick" lifestyle. I see this everyday in my Health & Nutrition practice. When I first begin working with new clients there are a variety of health issues that they are having to deal with due to not being aware of the damage they were doing by eating and/or living a certain lifestyle. The good news is that when they make a commitment to change to a healthy sustainable lifestyle before they get sick, they experience better understanding through education on how to eat right, understanding nutrition and how their body performs to a much higher level when it is properly nourished and the importance of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Many people fear change, but by making it fun and inclusive with your family and friends you will get the support you need to succeed!

There is really nothing more important than learning and making the commitment to your own health and make an investment in your own health. This needs to be done at the family level because large corporations, food manufacturers, or government is not going to be creating a National Month of Preventive Health Awareness. It must be done at home. It can be done through self education, Health Coaching, and research. 

I am in committed to making National Preventive Health Maintenance Awareness an every month campaign.

Be Well!

Peter Burke