We are all born with the same opportunities in a world full of options to choose from in every aspect of our lives. Of course we all look different, we have different families of different race, nationality, religion, and family influences. 
As we grow we all attend the same levels of schooling, elementary, middle school, Jr High, and then High School. Some of us decide to go to directly into college while others choose to go directly into the work place. This is part of the growing process.

Then life starts to kick in like a giant wave that we get swept up in, this wave can derail us from our dreams and plans for our visions of what our lives were to be. I know this happened to me from a career standpoint and definitely when it came to my health.

The fact is that we are all here for one reason or another, if you are a religious person you may believe God put you here for a specific reason. You may feel that you are here for a specific reason even if you aren't religious. Regardless we are here to be great, to be awesome, to be inspiring, or whatever you dream or once dreamt you were to be. 
I personally was in an incredibly stressful and completely unfulfilling corporate job that paid bills, but made me very unhappy, very unsatisfied, and mostly feeling "what the heck am I doing". This affected my health all around.  

There is no reason to settle especially with our health. We know that not eating right and not exercising will greatly affect our health. Yet as we age it becomes more difficult to stay on track, again life's wave takes us to the place of a false sense of comfort, and doing what is easier. We often neglect to take care of ourselves. And we settle for the way we are, the way we feel, and the way we live our lives. This settling often leads to poor health or worse, such as chronic disease, limitations in the way we live. We were definitely not put here to settle, we are here to stretch and always improve and be the very best we can be! 

Our health is the most thing we should be taking time to nurture and nourish and invest in. Never settle for a C life when it comes to your health, Settling is easier when making a decision to change our eating habits, or beginning a workout program and changing to a healthier lifestyle because when we make a decision to say "I will start tomorrow" or "let me just watch this t.v. show" we experience a false sense of comfort in knowing that you really didn't have to start today. But this is a very short lived feeling of comfort, it usually leads to unhappiness and a sense of giving up. Again we are not here to settle. We must stretch to grow, and change anything in our life that is not positive. Settling is easy but not fulfilling.

 There is a story of a professor from a famous University, he did an experiment with his graduating class on the day of their final exam, this was the biggest test of their college career. He said" today is the biggest test of your lives, you need this to graduate and move on". He handed out the exams and instructed the class to keep the exams face down and not to turn them over until he said so. He then said "I have decided to give you all the opportunity of not taking this test today". He said " If you choose to not take the test, you will receive a C without even turning over the paper", "all you need to do is leave now and you will receive a C no questions asked". At that time about half the class packed their belongings and handed in their blank tests knowing they just received C and didn't have to do a thing. Once the group left the room he told the rest of the class that remained "today you have made one of the biggest decisions in your life, you have chosen to excel and not settle for the C in life and get the very best grade you can". He then told them that once he leaves the room to turn over there exams and begin. He left the room and the students all turned over their exams which was a single sheet of paper that simply read "Congratulations, you just received an A+ on this exam"!

Don't settle for a C, don't wait until tomorrow start stretching today!! Your health will be forever grateful!!

Peter Burke - 1/23/15



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